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An Author worth reading. Shout out to Mark Tufo.

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

My absolute favourite author is a guy named Mark Tufo. I absolutely loved many of his books! I highly recommend the Zombie Fallout series and I will tell you why.

As you will see when you read more of the content on my blog, I love zombie apocalypse books. I will read all apocalypse stories but zombies are my favourite. They are for a variety of reasons but manly it's because I'm a wuss. I like to believe that, if faced with the decision to save and defend my family I would, but the more I read the more I realize I would most likely crawl under my bed and die from paralyzing fear. I can't handle large spiders, Gardner snakes, fuzzy caterpillars and I'm allergic to bees. The idea of needing to hide where any of those things might be scares me more than I'd like to admit.

I've also never fired anything stronger than a BB gun and my weapon of choice in most dyer circumstances is my husbands shoe. If it's really big I head for the vacuum. However, when I read these books I think of myself as some superhero with incredible determination. I can leap tall buildings, wield a sword like a pro, and throw daggers into the eyes of my enemies with deadly accuracy. I rescue my children, protect the ones I love and can't die. It's a great feeling, probably why I like to live in my books more than regular life.

To be clear here, I live in beautiful British Columbia, not Australia where I believe everything their wants to kill you. I shouldn't be scared of the things here, yet, I am. So the reality of my survival in a Zpoc leaves me feeling like I'd be one of the millions of Z's not one of the few survivors. I've come to terms with that. (Well, let's just hope there never is one).

Now, about my favourite series! Mark Tufo has created a couple characters with lasting impressions. His quick wit and wonderful banter between two main characters in particular is down right genius. I keep trying to channel that humour in my own writing and it's so difficult to do. He makes it seem effortless and smooth.

I've read the series three times and today the last book of the series has been released and it makes me a bit sad. I've fallen in love with these characters to the point I feel like they could be real people and I desperately would love to meet them.

I often ask myself while I'm writing or even reading another apocalypse novel; "What would Talbot do?" and I laugh at myself.

Talbot is the main character throughout the ZF (Zombie Fallout) series. He is ex-military working a blue collar job when hell breaks loose. He struggles to continually save his family, a bull dog, a witty wife, two teenage boys and an adult daughter who is in a serious relationship with a man he respects. He quickly meets a man named BT who becomes his best friend and Robin to his Batman.

The situations are like any other novel trying to navigate a world in chaos and ruin with zombies involved accept his added flare for the dramatic that make the series the best I've come across. He makes you laugh out loud, gag, sit in shock and scratch your head. Every time the story feels like it may be jumping to the extreme it some how makes the story that much better.

I was continually surprised by the fact I could not put down his books every time I read them! All three times I've been engrossed in the story. All three of my kids can tell you who my favourite author is and they all groan when I pick up one of his books cause they know I won't be communicating for most of the day!

I want to apologize for being vague on the details of the story but I truly don't want to risk spoiling anything for you. I went through an emotional rollercoaster reading these books and I wish the same for you.

I do have one criticism with the series. You never seem to find out Micheal Talbot's true potential of what he can do or what he is. His character has remained some what of a mystery for fifteen books. Book sixteen has come out today and my hope is that some of that will be answered, but I've read many books from Mark Tufo and my bet is that he will leave it up to your imagination some how.

I truly hope you experience something similar. I wish you good luck in your journey and I bet you won't be the same after your read them. Happy reading!

Link to his website - though it doesn't seem to be regularly updated you can easily find him on Facebook.

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