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Why not? (Part 2)

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

We are not homeless! We, some how, managed to find a place. Some interesting things about it. This house was built in 1901, yes, it's one hundred and twenty years old. When my husband was moving things into the basement he found coal on the floor from the old coal stores that use to heat the house. The place has been remodelled to a point, the crown moldings in the ceiling are still here and it has old hardwood floors with some minor touches still on display. The house is beautiful with a three tiered fountain in the backyard and the front has a deck and a view of the ocean where the Gabriola Ferry comes and goes across the bay. It is peaceful to sit out on the deck and look out over the ocean. The downfall is it is right downtown. Though I've always seen our downtown as one with an abundance of character and beauty, it is also filled with a front row view of the drug epidemic happening in our small city.

The Salvation Army is right around the corner from us and the homeless are everywhere. No one seems to bother us yet, however the drug use is blatant as we walk down the street. Luckily the large yet timid dog at our side gives people the impression of being protected.

Other things too mention, our dryer squeals with a pitch that is maddening and getting in and out with groceries through a metal gate and two sets of stairs is interesting. We don't have a driveway so we park out front on the road and we've had to go across the street to ask the business to refrain from parking in our spot a couple times now. They have an entire parking lot, and yet still park in front of our house, strange, and yet, it happens.

Now the best part; it is haunted. Normally my husband is a bit sensitive when it comes to these types of things and he didn't feel anything but good about this place when we came to view it. I felt something but thought it was probably the neighbourhood and didn't think much of it till our first night in the house together.

Earlier in the day I had mentioned that our bedroom closet was useless and there wasn't a point to it. The door should just stay closed. I told him it was weird and didn't have a ceiling to it and you can see straight up into the attic of the house, but it's abnormally dark. When I looked up into it, I felt something starring back at me. I just closed the door and said 'nope'. I mentioned that maybe he shouldn't disturb it. He, of course, ignored my warnings and opened the door anyway. He agreed it was useless, and I laughed and told him he shouldn't have opened it. We went to bed and he placed his glasses on the bedside table and we went to sleep.

The alarm went off too early as usual and he couldn't find his glasses. Now, my husband is blind without them. so he was no help while I was looking. I looked everywhere in the bedroom and walked through the house repeatedly. It was a mess since we still had yet to unpack anything other than the essentials. After thirty minutes of looking I started checking the boxes next to the closet. In the very bottom of the third box I found his glasses under a pile of clothes.

I laughed, I was a bit freaked out, but I did laugh. After another hour of my husband getting ready he had trouble finding two other things. He blamed me for moving them but I didn't have anything to do with it. That's when I researched what I could about our weird house. Couldn't find out much, it was originally owned by a cobbler. There isn't much information between then and now. We know it was bought last November for over six-hundred thousand. They purchased this house with the old couch in it and when we took over they said we could use it....who buys and house with an old couch, I dunno, but they did. They lived here for seven months before putting it up for rent. We are under the impression that they cannot sell till they have owned it for a year, hence why it is temporary. I wonder what happened to make them not want to be here...

For a couple days I was having some bad feelings about the house, feeling watched, weird noises like shuffling paper or something falling down the stairs. I thought about burning some sage but I didn't want to make him upset with me, so I did the next best thing. I asked him to protect our house and my family. Since then there hasn't been much going on. Things have been good and nothing has gone missing. So, it's nice to know something is looking out for us over the next year. It's temporary, but good that we get to be in such a beautiful house for a short time. Hopefully our next adventure will bring us just as much comfort.

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