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Why not?

I didn't want to talk about my life on here, maybe too real and I prefer the non-fiction, however, no one reads this blog and I'm too computer illiterate to do anything about it, so here it goes. Almost two months ago we received our notice to vacate. Our landlord has decided to give our house to his daughter. He's a millionaire but has decided to take our run down rental instead...sigh. The downside is our small city has increased its rental properties by an inconceivable sum. More than double what we've been paying. Some are triple. We can't afford most of them. I had to get a night job working from eleven to seven in the morning just for us to have a chance and we still have yet to have someone call our references. We are not the only ones in this predicament.

I wanted to be a stay at home mom till our youngest started high school. My hope was to attempt to write a couple amazing zombie books during that time, but it looks like writing isn't for me. Handed my book off to be edited and haven't heard word about it in two months so I'm thinking it sucked (nervous chuckle). I didn't think it was that bad for my first attempt but whatever, is what it is, I guess.

It sucks when dreams fall. I went back to school at twenty-three after being a three time high school drop out. I managed a bachelors degree, had a son, managed a masters degree, had a daughter, couldn't find a job because everyone wanted two to three years experience, had another daughter. Went back to work at Tim Hortons to be able to eat, my husband gave up trying to use his degree and went long hauling. I had to quit. (All you single parents out there, I don't know how you do it, I have the most respect for you.)

I was lucky though. I was home for six years and it was hard at times being mostly alone to handle kids and activities and it was worth it. We have three amazing kids to show for it. And we're about to be homeless. It's weird to think about it, yet, it is a reality we're facing. We can't seem to find a place where we will be okay. Oh and the reasons we haven't been picked are crazy! I get the dogs, sure don't want dogs, fine I can live with that, can't live without them though. But, my kids? Seriously? You don't want me to rent your three bedroom two bath because I have kids? Wow. Plants? Yup, had a woman ask me if I had indoor plants and if I was willing to get rid of They don't cause any trouble and if they start shit I will put an end to it...weird. We've also been told we don't make enough money for a twenty-five hundred dollar place...(We do, granted we don't want to pay it, but what choice do we have at this point?)

I don't know what to say anymore to a potential landlord. "Um, we desperately need a home could you please pick us?"

We've been good renters for eight years. We haven't missed rent, we garden, fix what we can and make our home a home full of love and laughter. We don't qualify for a mortgage because we can't save anything (three children are expensive.) And sure we didn't make great decisions when we were younger but, we do now and it doesn't count. It sucks. My husband and I don't fight, we both work now and our children are old enough to take care of themselves for the most part. We have two senior dogs and don't particularly like puppies so no need to worry about that. I like to read, write and I'm boring. My husband and kids like t.v and technology. We are the lowest of maintenance and if you could see our house we live in now, you would know that we can live with a lot. (Haven't had a working dishwasher in two years cause our counters are disintegrating...haven't complained once. Did inform them about it though.)

That saying, "When it rains it pours." Keeps repeating in my head. We've had some doozies over the last bit, homeless tops the chart, and yet my husband and I are still laughing with one another. We still take our kids to gymnastics, we still have pizza night and give them hugs and remind them things will be okay. We will be together whatever happens. I'm grateful we are all healthy and, for the most part, happy.

My co-workers think I'm crazy cause I'm happy when I'm working but honestly, why not be? Life is too short to sweat the small stuff like having security right? Plus, at this point, if I don't laugh about it I'll just cry and no one wants to be a bummer.

So I will continue to laugh and cross my fingers. Something is bound to happen, or we will be in a hotel? Camping? Something. And we will continue to laugh cause we can and it's good for us.

I do miss my content, stress free previous life. Guess it was time to get kicked out of my comfort zone. So here it goes...

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