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What I've learned from reading zombie apocalypse novels

I read my first zombie book about eight years ago. I quickly fell in love with the genre. I read all post apocalyptic and apocalyptic novels, everything I came across and recommended to me. There was something about the brutal simplistic nature of each story, the message; simply survive. At the time I began reading these stories life hadn't been all that simple and escaping into the world of survival was less stressful than real life. They continue to be my favourite stories even now when things are much brighter.

The other night as I began to read book two of the Dying Days series by Armand Rosamilia I realized that I had learned a lot from all these amazing books that I had read, and honestly why wouldn't I have? Many of the authors I've grown to rely on have been marines, soldiers, seals, navy and survivalists. I am probably on a watch list because of how many times I've had to search out what a particular weapon looked like.

Reading these novels can give you a better understanding of yourself. They tend to ask real questions, most generally being; what would you do given the situation? Some might be particularly easy to answer but some aren't and I am genuinely interested in the way the author answers his own questions. More importantly, I have learned, many, oddly comforting things. I can build a shelter from the forest floor. I know many different fishing techniques, traps, and snare builds. I can start a fire and have a basic understanding of self defence as in where to hit the hardest to make the best impact. I have personally purchased survival gear and have been given some as presents. They may not be for a zombie apocalypse, but I didn't have them before I began reading. Now, I figure, it can't hurt to be prepared for a bit of everything.

I am confident that I could put theory to practice if I had to, though I'd have to be pretty darn hungry to eat bugs, gut a fish or skin a rabbit, probably a good thing I have a great apocalypse partner.

The point is, I've learned a lot and the number of critical rules to survive a zombie outbreak are pretty low, so here's what I came up with;

#1 Don't trust others.

This is generally good advice. People in a life and death situation will be increasingly selfish and untrust worthy. Few people will be willing to die for you if they are not family so you better choose carefully.

#2 Find weapons and avoid noise

Silence will be key. Think more like the movie "A Quiet Place". Noise will bring hordes of the undead to your doorstep. Remember, you'll get tired, they won't. Swords, mechetes, hunting knives, katana, fighting staff are all great choices. Keep the guns for the remaining living that you will inevitably encounter. Also, learn some basic self defence, it will proabably save your life.

#3 Find food and store it in more than one location.

This is ideal if you decide you are going to stay in one town or city. Keep your stores well hidden, hiding things in a pantry is a great way to feed another group of people that may not be on the nice side.

#4 Underground Shelter

If you find a bunker or have access to one in the beginning days then seal it and stay there for as long as you can. The beginning days and months will be chaos, everything could be out to kill you. If you can avoid it safely then do so.

I am, by no means, an expert. However, I think my family has a great chance at survival because of what I've read over the years. For a long time I thought they were just books I read to escape reality, now I know that some random survival knowledge has been passed and I am grateful for it.

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