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The Haunting of Clandestine House by Celina Myers

I found this book by accident. I have watched Celina Myers videos on TIcToc and laughed hysterically at her bad dad jokes, and her sleep walking problems. She is funny and relatable and Canadian! I've watched her videos over the last year and did not know she had a whole other side to her. It was one of her posts about her writing another book that got me curious. I couldn't believe I didn't know she was one! I quickly went onto amazon and bought her Home Reader and fell in love with her voice. It was a beautiful book. So then I looked for another and found this one, The Haunting of Clandestine House. It is a short book as well but incredibly difficult to put down. It was over far too quickly, but left a lasting impression. It had me on the edge of my seat and I'm not sure when I will look into a mirror again. I even checked lay lines to ensure my house wasn't on one.

The main character is relatable, losing her job and on a whim puts in an offer on a house she knows nothing about. Of course she gets it and the story grows from there. The suspense was palpable and the ending surprised me.

There is a negative note here; You will need to read past the typos and oddly missing 'd's' in words, (I'm not sure why purpose that served but it did slow my reading down at times.) There is some odd formatting on some pages making breaks where there shouldn't be any and then the oddly misspelled or incomplete word. However, the story was good and it hooked me.

I enjoy her voice and the characters she developed. They were relatable and interesting. I look forward to reading many more books from her.

A Canadian author worthy of our support!!

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